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Brackish Water Desalination

by endalton 12 Jun 2024

Application of Reverse Osmosis Membrane in Brackish Water Desalination

What is Brackish Water?

Brackish water is defined as poor-quality water with mineralization greater than 1000mg/L. It is not suitable for direct use and usually contains high concentrations of soluble solids, fluoride, heavy metal ions, and other contaminants.

What Are the Hazards of Long-Term Consumption of Brackish Water?

Studies have shown that long-term consumption of brackish water can cause significant harm to human bones, skin, stomach, and intestines. Even using brackish water for irrigation can have detrimental effects. It can damage the soil, leading to abnormal crop growth, yellowing, leaf loss, or even withering.

Dalton Membrane's Recommended Brackish Water Treatment Products: Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Membrane Elements

With increasing market demand and continuous advancements in desalination technology, brackish water desalination systems are becoming more prevalent. They provide practical solutions to water supply challenges in many areas. The reverse osmosis desalination method, utilizing brackish water reverse osmosis membrane elements, offers high desalination rates, stability, large flux, strong anti-pollution capabilities, and long service life. These membranes effectively filter brackish water, reducing impurity content. Dalton Membrane's engineering team has developed brackish water reverse osmosis membrane elements suitable for islands, deserts, saline-alkaline regions, ships, and various other applications.

Advantages of Dalton Membrane BW Series Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Membrane Elements

Dalton Membrane BW series reverse osmosis membrane elements feature a short diaphragm structure with more membrane layers than ordinary elements, resulting in higher membrane efficiency and more stable operation of water treatment systems. The BW series offers 8-inch and 4-inch membrane elements, operating at low pressure. These membranes have a high removal rate for dissolved salts, such as TOC and SiO2, making them a more efficient and effective choice for industrial applications.

Application Areas of Dalton Membrane BW Series Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Membrane Elements

Brackish water reverse osmosis membranes are widely used in various fields, including:

  • Brackish water desalination
  • Boiler make-up water for thermal power plants
  • Surface water treatment
  • Near-zero discharge of wastewater in the oil and petrochemical industries

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